Best practices in video for internal communicators

Best practices in video for internal communicators

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Struggling to make video work for you?

Join us for three of the top-rated sessions from Ragan’s “Best Practices in Video for Internal Communicators” conference at Con Edison Headquarters.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create buzz around internal communications and use employee voices to enhance your message
  • Make the case for a bigger budget and get the most from your money
  • Use video to boil down a complex topic to something anyone can understand in one minute flat
  • Get the job done without a full video production crew
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Get it on video, your boss said.

So you buttonholed a couple executives, filmed them droning on about that new initiative, and eagerly sent the link to all your employees.

Nobody watched more than 20 seconds of it.

Your choices? A) Fire your entire workforce, the disloyal rats. Or, B) Learn how to communicate through video in ways that employees will actually watch and share.

Option B? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This three-part webcast includes the top three sessions from Ragan’s recent internal video conference at the Con Edison headquarters.

Click the “Agenda” tab above to learn more about these three sessions:

1. Why recruiting non-marketing employees for your marketing will increase engagement, boost morale and benefit the bottom line
Ann Cameron, Con Edison of New York 

2. How to create high-quality video on a shoestring budget
Jonathan Mast, Black and Veatch

3. Build trust and camaraderie among employees: Make company information come to life through video
Karen Lee and Lisa Arney, SAS