Hammer home your message with compelling video

Hammer home your message with compelling video

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Video is revolutionizing corporate communications.

Don’t sit on the sidelines!

You can make videos, compelling videos employees want to star in, want to watch, want to share!

Learn the ropes from master videographers from PBS, Ignite Technologies, 12 Stars Media Productions, SAS, Microsoft, Run Studios and more.

In this three-for-one webcast special, you’ll learn:

  • The one thing video makers must know before they shoot their first clip
  • Why video has overtaken text in employee communications
  • Why your company should allow employees to make videos without executive approval
  • How to create great videos fast with your smartphone or tablet
  • How to reach employees who don’t work at their desks
  • How to tell great stories with video
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You never claimed to be Cecil B. DeMille. Yet here you are, making videos for your organization.

Nobody watched your last video—of execs lined up holding “TEAMWORK!” signs. What next?

Here’s what: In no more time than you’d take for a doctor’s appointment, learn tricks, tips and best practices from the masters from:

  • “10 video do's and don'ts for internal communications,” with Rocky Walls, CEO of 12 Stars Media
  • “Move at the speed of mobile: Leverage smartphone and tablet video for internal communications,” with video experts Paolo Tosolini and Drew Keller
  • “Best practices for getting your videos distributed and noticed by employees,” with Wall, Tosolini and video masters from Ignite Technologies, Bank of America and others

You’ll learn:

  • What powers video success
  • Concepts that simplify the way you create videos, and help you find the real purpose behind each one
  • To create powerful photo montages from your smartphone or tablet
  • To put on a webinar for a mobile workforce
  • Ways to make sharing videos simple
  • How to quickly edit video on your tablet
  • Storytelling elements
  • What equipment you need to begin
  • Best practices in videography
  • …and so much more!