Content marketing: Become your own media outlet

Content marketing: Become your own media outlet

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Did you hear about the hospital chain that caught CNN's interest by its own nurse's visits to a violence-plagued Chicago neighborhood? Or the juicer manufacturer whose full-length documentary caused a run on their product?

Boost your own organization by adopting the approach of journalists and TV producers. In this three-for-one session, hear how to gain value by producing stories, blogs, videos and other content your customers will devour.

You'll learn:

  • How to become a media outlet, rather than begging journalists for coverage
  • How to use the new social media editor as a bridge between organizational content and influencers throughout the Web 2.0 world
  • The importance of tone, concision, consistency, and storytelling to a content brand
  • How to think like a TV producer
  • How to create a news desk to assign, edit, post, and maintain the content on your site
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Mark Ragan Mark Ragan is the CEO of Ragan Communications in Chicago. He arrived at Ragan after working for 15 years as an award-winning political and investigative reporter for newspapers throughout the United States. He ended his career as a journalist in 1992 after covering three presidential elections, including Ronald Reagan's landslide victory over Jimmy Carter in 1980. Today Mark is back into the journalistic swing of things at the company his father founded in 1968. In addition to overseeing new product development and the day-to-day operations of the company, Mark acts as editor-in-chief for the daily news site, the MyRaganTV video platform and the MyRagan social network.
Andrew Davis Andrew Davis' inspirational, unconventional, and sometimes controversial concepts are a product of his diverse life and business experiences. His childhood acting career makes him a highly-engaging and entertaining speaker at trade shows, conferences and corporate events around the world. His television writing and producing contributed to his theories on how to build a relationship with a valuable audience through the generation of great content powered by exceptional talent. He honed his marketing and product development skills in the first dotcom boom which shaped his business-oriented approach to driving real revenue and results.
Jim Ylisela James Ylisela Jr. is president and co-owner of Duff Media Partners Inc. Jim brings 30 years of experience in journalism, teaching and training to help organizations communicate better and more effectively with constituents, employees, consumers and the news media. In his journalism career, Jim has written for newspapers, magazines and television, including his current affiliation as an investigative reporter for Crain's Chicago Business. Over the years, he has won a dozen awards for investigative reporting, most recently in 2011. From 1988 to 2001, he taught urban and investigative reporting in the master's program at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. He also served as co-director of the Medill News Service, a graduate school news operation with client newspapers in the Chicago region.