Google+ and Hangouts on Air: A complete guide for corporate communicators
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Google+ and Hangouts on Air: A complete guide for corporate communicators

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Corporate communicators everywhere must take full advantage of the power of Google+ and Google+ Hangouts on Air to enhance your organization’s comms.

Get the comprehensive training you need to add both to your communications plan with this two-part interactive course featuring Shel Holz.

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The best way to learn Google+: View Shel Holtz’s latest interactive course, “Why communicators must learn Google+ now.”

Google+’s stunning communication tools will change the way you work.

Communicators ignore Google+ in favor of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Stop!

Underestimating Google+ will change in the next 3 years—or sooner. Why? Easy: Millions will be drawn into Google+ by other pervasively-used Google tools.

Consider these facts:

  • Google+ is the world’s second-largest social network, behind only Facebook, ahead of Twitter.
  • Google+, already huge, is still growing with more than 300,000,000 active monthly users
  • 20,000,000 Google+ users access it via mobile
  • 22% of all adults online in the world use Google+
  • Google+ has the second-highest visitor engagement of all social networks (Google-owned YouTube is No.1)

That’s why Shel Holtz, the nation’s no. 1 authority on new communications technology for internal and external organizational communicators, released his brilliant new 90-minute interactive module, “Why communicators must learn Google+ now.”

Why Google+ is so vital: These Google tools are trending right now over the entire world:

  • Gmail. Google’s ubiquitous email service, used by 425,000,000 people
  • Google search. Fully integrated into Gmail and Google+ company pages  
  • Google+ Hangouts. Online video conferences that can link up to 10 participants. A public Hangout session can be seen by millions in real time
  • Google Drive. Google’s document storage facility. Share any document in Drive by clicking it down and sharing it to your Google+ Circle.

Why Google+ has become a necessity for PR and marketing: 

  • Hangouts and Hangouts on Air are the coming top tools for PR and marketers
  • Circles and Communities: the other little-known, potent, underused Google+ tools
  • Google+ Communities: How participation in them propels your PR and marketing to the top
  • Internal communicators: Use Circles to reach employee audiences. You can set up a Circle just for your communications team

Shel will discuss these critical essentials right off the bat:

  • How to start with Google+ Shel shows you, in crystal-clear detail, how to sign up to be the manager of your company’s Google+ page.
  • How to create a Google account: You must set up a Google account first, not a Google+ account. Holtz gives detailed screen-by-screen instructions for this.
  • How to enhance your Google+ profile:  Really flesh out your profile. Why the “story” section is so important to spend real time on.
  • What you must know about the photos on your page

Next, Holtz defines The 6 Basics of Google+ in crystal-clear words:

  • Circles.  The heart of Google+. Key difference from Facebook.
  • The Stream.  Where you participate on Google+ directly.
  • Posting: Shel supplies six ways you can respond or manipulate a post to reveal information about that post.
  • Google’s +1 feature. Learn the critical differences between +1’s and Facebook “likes,” why +1’s drive traffic to your web site and how it plays a role in Google search.  
  • Google+ Photo Editing: Why and how you should become a visual content expert with this tool.
  • Search: Searching Google+ works just like Google search, but limits the search to Google+ content and provides filters to take better advantage of the search.

The nitty-gritty of Google+: Company pages—one of the most powerful business tools ever

You may not know this, but your company’s Google+ page may already exist in embryo. Odds are your company has a barebones Google+ page created by Google. And it’s waiting for you! Within this company pages section, you’ll learn:

  • The two ways to create a Google+ page for your company if you don’t already have one
  • The big comms and PR benefits to your company of the +1 social signal
  • Why every branch, office or location should have its own Google+ local page
  • Why the spread of mobile devices makes a local Google+ page critical
  • 11 tips to make your Google+ local page an irresistible hive of activity
  • 6 ways to put the dashboard of your Google+ page to work to boost your business
  • The ONE vital action most businesses fail to take on their Google+ local page
  • How to take advantage of your company-page Communities and Circles

Shel goes in-depth to look at 5 of the most powerful, immediately usable Google+ tools for organizational communicators:

  • Google+ communities. See why communicators should join and start Google+ communities
  • Google+ Hangouts. Learn how this popular tool will work wonders for your organization both internally and externally.
  • Google+ Insights.  Learn how this customer-engagement-analytics tool is such a value to your business.
  • Ripples. A fascinating tool that analyzes your posts, or anybody else’s public posts. Learn how posts gain traction and how your shares are “rippled” through the Google+ network.
  • Authorship markup. Shel gives you seven reasons to take the authorship markup plunge.

Shel ends by taking you on a tour of a Google+ company home page. This is an amazingly quick way to learn the Google+ company page—it will take you only 10 minutes to absorb the most important Google+ page functions.